Peter Haas

@Peter_Haas is a Providence RI based entrepreneur, writer and maker. His work with AIDG has been featured in Fast Company, Popular Mechanics, NPR, Discover, Forbes and other news outlets. He was a 2006 Echoing Green Fellow, a 2008 Waldzell Institute Architect of the Future, and a 2010 TED Senior Fellow.


Peter is the Associate Director of Brown University's Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative.

The HCRI unites Brown University faculty and students across numerous departments and schools who are dedicated to robotics as an innovative and societally beneficial technology. Common commitments include (a) identifying societal needs that robots can help fulfill; (b) advancing science and technology of robots that fulfill these needs; and (c) studying and integrating into design the societal impact of robotic technologies, with a goal of averting labor replacement and privileged access to technology.



Peter was the Co-Founder and COO of XactSense a UAV mapping and computer vision company.

XactSense uses cutting edge computer vision algorithms and low cost LIDAR sensors to produce survey grade maps of the built and natural environment. We produce UAVs and sensor payloads with custom mapping software. XactSense won a 2015 Mass Challenge award placing in the top twelve out of over 2000 applicant companies.


TEDx Providence

Peter was the Co-Founder of the Providence Speaking Society, which puts on the annual TEDxProvidence conference to highlight RI stories deserving of a wider audience.

TEDx Providence


Peter was the Co-Founder and Executive Director of AIDG, a US NGO that worked in Guatemala and Haiti on three major programs: Design, Outreach and SME Support.

Speaking Experience

Over the past ten years Peter has become an active voice for poverty issues, speaking at TED Global, Better World by Design, the World Bank, Harvard, MIT and other forums on technology, design, entrepreneurship and SME finance.

Blogging and Writing

Peter is a blogger and writer. He has blogged on the TED Blog, AIDG, and the Future of Life Blog on topics ranging from Haitian Reocnstruction to Artificial intelligence. He is working on his first novel Panopticon Down which focuses on issues of hacking, digital privacy and authoritarianism.

Working with Makers and Students

Peter sometimes consults with student teams, entrepreneurs and inventors. He brings a multidisciplinary approach to any product design problem with a strong understanding of end constituent needs. He has served as a judge for the EPA People, Prosperity and the Planet competition, the MIT Global Challenges competition, Guateverde, KBA, Startup Scramble, and Echoing Green.

Ideas That Grow

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